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Hello Jiang Zhi Shu!
How are you?
I am Yuan Xiang Qin from Class F.
I think you don't know me but I know you well.
Ever since the first time I saw you in the freshman orientation programme, I have never forgotten you.
No matter if you're making a speech or chatting with other people or just being silent, I still can recognize you.
No matter where you are, I just can sense it.
So I think if I don't tell you this right now, I don't know when I'll have the courage to tell you ...
Next time we meet we might already have changed a lot and if I give up this chance, I might not have another one.
This time I promised myself that I'd be brave enough to tell you ...
I've been in love with you for 2 years ...
I don't want it to be my regret forever if it remains unsaid and that's why I wrote this letter ...
To tell you about my love ...

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Monday, September 09, 2013

One Day You'll Realize

Jun 17, '08 4:29 PM
for everyone

One day you're gonna WANT that girl....

the girl that wasn't PERFECT

but TRIED to be perfect for you. 

the girl that BELIEVED the scraps of YOU

she was given were WORTH it..

because something was BETTER than NOTHING.

That girl who WANTED NOTHING MORE than TO BE THERE for YOU and LOVE YOU the way she knows she ONLY could.

The girl who sees your FLAWS but VALUES them as much as your strengths.

That girl who still can't bring herself to HATE YOU, even though sometimes you probably DESERVE it.

That girl who saw past your PRETTY FACE and TREASURED parts of you that NO ONE else had ever APPRECIATED.

The girl who realizes she may NEVER have your HEART but will carry the image of you in hers FOREVER.

The girl that sees this and STILL LOVES YOU.

The girl that should HAVE YOU, but DOESN'T.

Even though she DESERVES it.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

In Love and I Hate It
You are
Like the ocean
And you're drowning me
The sunrise
Casting shadow
As far as I can see
'Cause you're so bitter sweet

I'm in love, I'm in love
And I hate it
I'm in love and so overrated
What am I supposed to do?
I wanna be with you
I'm in love, I'm in love
I can't take it
I'm in love and feel so naked
What am I supposed to do?
I wanna be with you

I'm in love and I hate it
Hate it, hate it 3x
I'm in love and I hate it
I hate it

Sometimes I feel spineless
I can't stand up straight
And sometimes
I'm so stupid
I make the same mistake
But I can walk away

Repeat Chorus

It's the agony, it's the ecstasy
And it's thrilling me
And it's killing me
it's killing me

I'm in love, I'm in looooove...

I'm in love, I'm in love
And I hate it
I'm in love and so overrated
What am I supposed to do?
I wanna be with you
I'm in love, I'm in love
I can't take it
I'm in love and feel so naked
What am I supposed to do?
I wanna be with you

Repeat 2x
I'm in love and I hate it
Hate it, hate it 3x
I'm in love and I hate it
I hate it

I'm in love and I hate it
Hate it, Hate it

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Unrequited Love
Unrequited love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired. The beloved may or may not be aware of the admirer's deep affections. The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines unrequited as "not reciprocated or returned in kind. - Wikipedia

You came from Mars, I came from Venusó
Two very different worlds apart.
But we meet here, of all places, on Earth,
Among strange-looking earthlings
And man-made rubbish.

As I listen to your celestial post-laughter giggles,
I cannot help but wish I were from Mars, like you,
So then maybe Iíd have a chance
To put my head on your shoulder
Without having to explain why
Because you would just understand me
And know how I feel.

Your face is just within my grasp,
Just an armís length away.
I long to touch your face and hold your hand,
But I could not even heave a single breath,
For Iím afraid I will blow you away back to Mars.

You look at me like I talk nonsense.
I cannot help it if you donít understand me.
You yourself talk in circles, Like other Marsians do.
Iím too afraid to comprehend you
Because I really donít know if Iím hearing you right.
I wish youíll just talk in squares.

Or triangles.
Or pentagons.
I really donít care.
Just as long as you talk... to me.
At least I know youíre real And my feelings are real.
It doesnít matter if I donít understand you
Or if you donít understand me.
Because being with you here on Earth,
Among these strange-looking earthlings,
Is enough for now.

---Almost Lover, Chapter 22

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

What now?
music: Looking Through the Eyes of Love - Regine V.
mood : excited

Hi there! Wow. Grabe. September na at ang huli kong blog post ay April pa. Summer pa pero ngayon sobrang tag ulan na! So why blog? Cause I'm bored. Hehe. Nah, since I deactivated my facebook for a while (actually almost a week pa lang) eh I don't know what to do online! I need an outlet. Masyado akong madaldal to keep my thoughts!:D

Wala akong pasok ngayon! Yehey!Friday at Saturday na off ko eh!Pupunta kami ni anime convention sa SM Megamall later! Grabe...I can't even remember when was the last time I attended one! Masaya pala ako kase ka shift ko na ang Bullies! Kase nahiwalay ako sa shift nila for 6 months!Nakakatawa talaga sila! Ang saya saya nila kasama. Tawa lang ako ng tawa sa kanila kahit na ako ang hilig nila pag tripan! Lalo na si Bianca. Kamote!

Nakakaloka lang dahil gandang-ganda sila sa paa ko. Eh hindi ko din naman alam kung bakit maputi ang paa ko!Basta nakakatawa yung joke ni Bianca na kung magwe-webcam daw ako...paa daw una ko pakita!!:D

Contrary to all my previous post for the last 5 years, I'm not addicted to KPOP anymore. I still do listen to their songs but not like before na every artist and songs kilala ko. And I stop following the kpop industry na din. Unti na lang talaga gusto ko. Se7en, TVXQ, JYJ. Shinhwa. Pero nanonood pa din ako ng korean drama!Natutuwa nga ako kase may mga officemates din akong nanonood ng mga korean drama!hahaha!

Okay, maliligo na muna ako para makapagpa manicure at pedicure muna ako bago pumunta Megamall!:D

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Gah...it's so hot!!!!!!Super init ng panahon ngayon!I'm so looking forward to out Laiya, Batangas trip this coming saturday and sunday with my UMKTG friends!!!I need to swim in the beach!!!!!!!!!

Hay...I feel so sad/depressed/emo right now.  Hay...ayoko na maging mabait...pero naaawa naman kase ako sa kanya pag mag isa sya kaya kahit cold treatment nya eh ako pa din nagri-reach out sa kanya. Lord...I need more patience.  

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Feb na
Walang sense yung previous entry ko. May sapi ata ako nung sinulat ko yan!wahahaha!!I'm sooooo okay na!!:D It's my rest day today and tomorrow so I'm gonna spend the day watching DVDs of anime and Korean dramas!hahaha!!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I don't know if it's just coincidence or I'm just really gifted or God is really listening to me?hahaha! I find it weird that I asked for something way back then, like a simple wishful thinking, and it's really happening!!! And now, I don't know if I should be happy cause I'm becoming someone I don't want to be. I refuse to accept it but deep down, I know it's real. Yeah, I have issues right now. Another thing, I'm feeling exactly how I made someone feel 2 years ago. Cool!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I don't know how to put into words how amazing/wonderful/epic this night was! Sobrang saya nito! Free gold tickets the night before the concert..not one..not two..but 16 free tickets!How wonderful is that!!So we texted all of our friends..waaah!Sobrang saya kase ang dami-dami namin!haha!

8:30 pm na nag start yung concert. Si KC Montero ang host. Una syempre si Christian Bautista una nag perform at Wrong Number ng One Way kinanta nya. Nung una eh hindi ko pa na recognize yung song at nagtanong pa ako kay ate Celine nung title!tapos kinanta nya na yung mga songs nya. 3 songs sya lahat.

Then U-KISS na!Binguel-binguel!Nandun sila sa taas at hindi ko napansin na naakyat na pala sila!WAAAAAAAAH!!ANG GWAPO GWAPO NI ELI!!!!!!!Grabe!nahahampas ko na yung mga katabi ko!Ang gwapo gwapo ng hair nya ngayon!At syempre nag fan-meeting na naman sila!hahaha!Si Kevin eh nag Miss A na naman na hindi nagpapilit!Nag hip song si Eli!at ang galing-galing na mag english ni Dongho!Then Mworago, End of the Road at Manmanhani!

Pero sorry..eto talaga highlight ng gabing ito eh...si RAIN-sama!!!
GRABE GRABE!!IBA!IBA TALAGA!!Yung energy and all!Every song eh naloloka kami kakatili kase nga mga greatest hits yung mga kinanta nya!Sigaw kami ng sigaw sa I DO I DO!At ang epic talaga ng How to Avoid the Sun!At ANG LOVE SONG!!Wahaha!May hinimatay pa daw nung hindi nya tinuloy na itaas yung t-shirt nya!AT ANG CUTE CUTE NG SMILE NYA DUN SA PART NA YUN!!

Total of 9 songs lang kinanta ni Rain pero alam mo yung sobrang worth it na 9 songs pa lang!IBANG LEVEL KASE!THE BEST PERFORMER I'VE SEEN SO FAR. Now I know why he's a worldstar. Basta!

Sobrang saya ko talaga that I didn't missed this event!Ang saya manood ng napakagandang concert with your friends!!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

KPOP Invasion
Gosh..feeling ko napaka open ng fangirl life ko sa blog na to!Na tipong pag ginoogle yung name ko ng employer ko eh makikita nila ang other side ko!hahaha!

I've watched U-kiss concert last June 14 at Araneta!It was the best!I'm so proud of the boys!It was like a concert/fanmeeting dahil nakakatuwa ang fan interactions nila. Kung ano-anong kalokohan ang mga ginagawa nila!Ang gaganda ng mga performances lalo na ang pagkanta ng tagalog song ni Xander!I love how they really love the Philippines!<3

Then after a week eh BEAST naman ang nagpunta sa Manila!Syempre hindi ko to papalampasin dahil gusto ko sila at ang gaganda ng mga songs nila!Ang consistent talaga namin nila Edline at Ate Celine sa mga ganitong event!Kase nga hindi dapat pinapalampas ang mga ganitong opportunities na pwede mong pagsisihan!hahaha!Nakakatawa pa kase ayaw pa pumunta ni Ate Celine kung wala si Kikwang!!Mabuti na lang dumating si KiKwang the next day!Sugod uli kami sa SM North Edsa at since weekday yun eh nag leave kaming lahat!hahaha!Waaah!!Nakapagpa autograph kaming lahat!Nasabi ko kay Dongwoon ang "Ni Shi Shuai" at pinakita ko sa kanya ang fansign ko!Ang nice nice nya talaga at ang tangkad at gwapo!Super kaway ng kaway!Ang gwapo ni ni Hyunseung at Kikwang!


With our signed CD's!Happy fangirls!

Our fansigns!^_^

See?Nag-uusap kami ni Hyunseung!hahaha!Sinabi ko lang naman sa kanyang "Thank you for coming!" hahaha!

Hahaha!Ang bagal magsulat ni Dongwoon dahil tapos na si Kikwang at hinihintay na ni Hyunseung yung album sa kanya!hawak ko pa din ang Dongwoon fansign ko kahit nasa harap ko na si Hyunseung!

At habang naglalakad kami pabalik sa venue kase bumili kami ng gamit for our fansigns eh eksakto naman na yun yung time na padating na sila...kaya nakita namin sila ng malapitan nung dumaan sila!Tapos nung nasa side kami dahil tapos na kami magpa sign eh nag CR sila at nandun din kami so nakita na naman namin sila at na video namin ang pagdaan nila!hahaha!Wala si Hyunseung dahil hindi nya feel mag CR!hahaha!

Here's the vid!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

U-Kiss@ SM North Annex
Hindi ko alam kung saan ako magsisimula!!Waaah!Pero simulan natin sa gabi na wala kaming tulog sa paghihintay sa Master Showman dahil sinabi nung Friday na magpeperform daw sila dun!Kamote!Nakapanood na kami ng masculados eh hindi naman sila pinakita!Kamote...bakit ang crush kong si Hero eh nandun na lang! Moving on eh nanood na lang kami ni Edline ng Episode 7 ng Ukiss Vampire without subs!At ayaw talaga namin mahiga sa kama kase makakatulog lang kami ng dere-derecho eh ang alis namin ng bahay eh 6:30 am!Mineet na namin si Lovely at nagmamadali kaming tatlo na pumunta ng Sm North Annex!Pagpunta namin dun eh ang haba ng pila!At nandun na si Ate Jaz nakapila!Sa lahat ng entrance eh may pila ng mga fangirls!Grabe, para nga daw kaming yung mga fans ng You're Beautiful na nag aabang sa labas!Then naisipan namin bumili ni Eds kaya iniwan namin si Ate Jaz at Lovely sa pila. Nagtanong kami sa guard kung nasaan yung SM Save More kase bukas na daw yun ng 7 PM!Tapos bigla kong tinanong kay Manong guard kung sabay-sabay ba bubuksan yung mga entrance...nag suggest sya na dun na lang daw kami pumila sa car park dahil mas unti daw pila dun!Thanks to manong!hahaha!So hangos naman kami dun ni Eds. Pinapunta namin dun si Ate Celine. Basta naligaw sila Ate Jaz at Lovely at nakakita sila ng mas maikling pila at mas malapit sa venue so nag split kami para may strategy..kung sino mauna!

Grabe...kamote si Ateng guard sa entrance, yung ibang entrance ata eh nagbukas na samantalang sya eh nagli-lisptick pa!Kaasar!At mabuti talaga eh nakapagpalit ako ng heels into tsinelas bago umalis ng bahay dahil pagbukas ng entrance eh takbuhan lahat ng tao sa veneu!PARANG AMAZING RACE NA TIPONG KATAPUSAN NA NG MUNDO!Bwahahaha!Ang haba na agad ng pila at sorry naman pero mas malapit sila Lovely kaya dun kami sa pila nila pumunta!Nagkakasingitan na talaga grabe!Na culture shock na siguro yung mga normal na mamimili sa mall nung mga oras na yun!Pumila kami hanggang 12 PM ha!Sobrang depress na ko dahil 300 lang daw pipirmahan!Ang nega nega ko na dahil baka hindi nga kami umabot at last day na nila!Pero nung nakabili na kami,pagkuha ko ng number...272!!!!Shet!Nagsisigaw na talaga ako!!!Ang saya-saya ko nun!!!!!!273 si Ate Celine at 276 naman si Lovely!Nag decide na kami na dun lang sa 2nd floor mag stay dahil nadala na kami nun sa Mega na hindi kami nakapanood ng maayos dahil sa tulakan!Kasama na namin si Nica, Ate Jaz at Edline at iba pang mga nice fangirls. Si Edline ay napunta sa VIP dahil may kakilala pala sa Universal Records yung nameet nya na taga Kissmeph!We're happy for Edline na naman!hahaha!

This is the crowd while waiting for the boys...

At nakakatuwa since nasa 2nd floor kami at naka ladlad talaga ang banner naming XANDER at ELI ay ni-focus pa yun sa camera na nag-iikot!Pati ang headband ko na TYPE O. Siguro naman nakita ni Xander at Eli yun no?Sabi nga nung bagong dating na friend nung katabi namin eh ang pansinin daw nung XANDER na fansign!
Basta ayaw ko ng alalahanin ang pakikipag away ko sa koreans na katabi namin!Gusto kong maging masaya ang araw na yun kaya nakipagpalit na lang ako ng place kay Lovely dahil mas mahaba ang pasensya nya!hahaha!!Nakakatuwa din ang mga batang katabi namin na maka Eli din!Ngunit nadurog ang puso namin ni Ate Celine na hindi nila kilala si Se7en!Waaah!See???kaya kabado si Se7en sa comeback nya eh!Mas mukha pa syang rookie ngayon sa mga baguhang boyband kahit na yung Bigbang eh back up dancer nya lang dati!Se7en...comeback!!May commercial eh no?hahaha!!

AT ETO NA NGA!!THIS IS THE MOMENT!!!!OMG!!!!!Since nasa gitna kami ng 2nd floor eh ang ganda ganda ng view koooo!Nakaupo lang kami kaso kamote yung mga nasa likod namin eh siniksik na kami!WAAAH!!Pinupukpok ko nga yung salamin sa sobrang tuwa ko!!
Ang playful ni Eli!Paglabas pa lang nila eh sobrang tili na ko ng tili!!Sorry pero mahal ko naman ang UKISS pero kay Eli talaga ako nakatingin!Hahaha!!Kamoteng bata!Kung ano ano ginagawa!Nagpapunas pa ng pawis sa kili-kili kay Kisup!At nag sexy dance si Kevin!Actually ang kulit nila nung sexy dance dahil kung ano-ano mga sinasayaw!Na carried away na ata si Kevin!At ang saya saya ko lalo dahil puro dance track ginawa nila unlike nung sa Megamall na naka upo sila nung kumanta ng As long as you love me at nakikipaglandian sa mga partners sa I Like You!Pero naawa naman ako kay Kisup dahil nga sa Binguel Binguel at Manmanhani lang sya nag perform at pagdating nya pa eh may mga dalang water at pinupunasan pa mga pawis nila!PA na PA ang dating!Pero ang cute nila ni Eli na nagkukulitan!THE PERFORMANCE WERE AWESOME!!!At happy kami sa place namin dahil walang mga balikat!!ANG SAYA SAYA KOOOOO!!!

Nung autograph signing na eh hindi na nasunod yung numbering kase sobrang dami na ng tao...basta kunwari 1-100 yung number mo eh papasok ka na at pipila pero one member lang magsa-sign at bawal mamili!Shet!Nag worry talaga ako kase GUSTO KO KAY ELI!!Hindi naman sa ayaw ko sa iba...GUSTO KO LANG TALAGA KAY ELI!!!At nung nakapila na ako eh naka set talaga sa mind ko na dapat kay Eli ako makapagpa sign!Super worried ako na baka sa iba ako mapunta eh nakakahiya naman biglang tumakbo kay Eli at isnabin kung kanino man ako mapunta dba?So nung nasa stage na ako bago paakyatin eh nakapako talaga ang mata ko sa place ni Eli dahil dun ko gusto pumunta nung pinaakyat na ako eh hindi ko napansin yung nag a-usher dahil tumakbo ako papunta kay Eli at timing din pala talaga na sa kanya talaga ako papapuntahin!!!!!!OMG!!Starstruck ako!!!Pagbigay ko ng album ko eh nag HI sya!At hindi talaga ako agad nakapagsalita agad!as in!Nakatingin lang ako sa face nya at nasabing "I love you Eli!" ng paulit-ulit!At naka smile naman sya!hahaha!Tapos pinansin nya yung TYPE O headband ko at sabi nya "O!"hahaha!Hindi naman ako nakapag react!MY MIND WENT BLANK!Tas nung wala na talaga ako masabi eh bigla ko na lang sinabi yung name ko..."JHOCEL" at Ini-spell out ko pa na J-H-O-C at hindi nya madinig yung E kaya sabi ko "E for Eli and L for Love"!!!hahaha!May sinabi pa ako sa kanya na nakakahiya na kaya ako na isulat!Kami na lang nila ate celine nakakaalam nun!hahaha!!

At habang pababa ako eh hindi ko na nagawang pansinin o makipag shake hands sa ibang members...lutang nga ako nung time na yun!parang pagbaba ko eh saka ko na lang naisip na sana pala ganito ganito mga ginawa at sinabi ko!hahaha!Si Ate Celine naman at kay Xander napunta at si Lovely kay Dongho na nagtanong na naman ng "Wash your name?" pero hindi naman sinulat!Ang cute cute talaga mag sulat ni Dongho dahil super nakatungo talaga sya!Grabe si Soohyun...super nice nya talaga!Since Friday pa lang eh fan service na talaga!Nag piggyback ride pa si Kevin sa kanya!Pero nakakaawa din sya kase ang unti ng napupunta sa kanya na nagpapa sign...kase naman yung mga binibigyan eh yung mga nasa unahan!Nakakatuwa dahil nag selca pa si Eli with the audience!Tas nagpicture din silang lahat with the audience sa likod pero nasa stage sila ha!
Basta madami pa silang ginawang sobrang kinatuwa namin!Ni-group hug na naman nila yung MC!Ang sweet nila!

Happy din ako na pinaabot nila hanggang 600 yung mga pwede makapagpa autograph!Kase ang dami-dami talagang tao at mabuti yun...sundin nila ang utos ng tatay ni Xander!Na pilitin daw ma sign ang lahat so everyone will be happy!hahaha!

Basta isa talaga sila sa mga idols na hindi mukhang idols at hindi asal idols!I'm very proud kase they really work hard on where they are right now. Hindi sila yung mga sobrang sikat agad na idols kaya siguro alam nila yung tamang attitude. Minsan naaawa ako sa kanila pag nanonood ako nung mga shows nila kase kahit sila nagrereklamo na bakit wala sila sa mga shows at si Eli na walang masyadong natatanggap na fan letters! I'M A HAPPY FANGIRL!!

Kung may mga napansin man ako o hindi napansin eh akin na lang siguro yun. Ayoko naman kase sila i-judge based on that experience.BASTA U-KISS IS AWESOME!I love ALL of them!Pero bias nga lang ako kay Eli...obvious ba?hahaha!!!

Pictures from Ate Celine's cam!

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